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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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saved all of their lives. latest polls shows a resurgeon event donald trump but will comment he made in the past come back to haunt him. how hillary clinton is capitalizing on what he said about where president obama was born. and like father like son, donald trump junior makes controversial comments on a local radio show. >> they would warming up the gas chamber right now. >> how he is clarifying those comments this morning. plus after a busy day campaigning, donald trump has some fun on late night tv. >> more from trump's appearance with jimmy fallen. it is a day people wait all night for. i phone seven is released this morning and people have been lined up all night but we have an iphone seven in our studio and we will show off all of the new features. speaking of that i said i want that had iphone in my
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hand by seven. >> where is anthony. >> anthony tweeted he has it in his hands. >> i don't care about anthony, i want tonight my hand right now. by the time we get through with weather and traffic we need to have that iphone in my happened. >> fit is black we can get good money for that. >> jet black. >> i can talk 30 minutes about the the weather. >> no, not 7:20, i said 7:00 o'clock. >> off he goes. >> weather by the numbers. we will start off not one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, we will stop at a ten again. bright sunshine, low humidity. quickly warm up. that is as close as i get to quacamole again today. >> we are still trying. >> we are trying. >> we put a call out. >> any restaurant. >> what will happen first mike get his iphone or i get some quacamole. >> is there avocado, he has eagles hat on. fifty to 60. cool start. ultimate doppler clear but temperatures are chill think morning in allentown at 48.
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fifty in pottstown. sixty in philadelphia sun glare 60 degrees, northeast win at 6 miles an hour. we will get up to 76 degrees, quickly cooling off. good quick drop right after sunset back in the 60's for all you people headed out for from you night. here's bob. no quacamole, no cell phone, no coffee. just start all over again. 7:02. live look at sun glare popping out on i-95. pack your shades. it is chillier this morning as dave mentioned. sun will warm us up and slow us down. delays on the schuylkill westbound out of town. the delays on i-95 southbound into girard avenue sliding up to an accident in white marsh. police tell us a a fatal crash, two car accident, flourtown road and josh road, so watch for local detours through the neighborhood. sky fox is on the way to the scene. we will take through live when they arrive. coming from new jersey north on the freeway an accident at
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creek road and that is just casing a bigger delay then we had a few moments ago. we are bumper to bumper all the way in toward creek road interchange with that accident off to the shoulder, mike and alex back over to you. would be robber end up in the hospital after targeting, the wrong family. >> would i say so. mother trying to protect her family pulls a gun out of her handbag, sabina, fill in the rest of this story. >> it was a good thing this pastor's wife was packing some heat. family say they just gotten home here to saint james church they live right next door at 11:00 o'clock last night in the frankford section of the city. they say they were just about to go in their house, within second a man comes up, he has what appears to be a sawed off shotgun and pointing it directly at the pastor's face. the pastor tells me all he can think about was his 12 year-old son standing right next to him. his wife had cover. she was still over by the car. the as soon as she saw robber strike her husband in the face
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with the butt of his gun she pull out her weapon and she fired once at the suspect. she shot him in the leg n you have to get him to take off. we have talk to the pastor. incredible details he gave us. here he is describing this terrifying moment when all of this was happening. >> it was so fast, you know. he did a good job like acting like he was crippled. normally when you see somebody walking down the street you might be prepared for it but he was hunched over. he was walking like this. then he was 6 feet tall and hit me in my head. i bent over for a second. he grand a wallet the and broke the chain and somehow when my wife shot him the wallet ended up on the connect. i don't know how that happened. but he didn't get anything, except the bullet, which was good. >> reporter: pastor chased the suspect several blocks before he actually jumped on a passing suv. he held on to the roof rack and that is how this guy got
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away. police were a able to catch up with him a short time later this he aid good description. get this, suspect 66 year-old. police found him just outside aria torresdale hospital with that bullet in his leg, bleeding from his leg where pastor's wife had shot him. this morning he is in custody and his family tells us he is shaken up but they are doing okay, back to you. >> i bet. >> had to be a scary situation. 7:05. $10,000 reward is being offered for at rest of the man accused of stealing weapons from a philadelphia gun store. the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms, atf, they have added a word to that organization, it is alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives do we call it atf e now? the guy broke into the lock's philadelphia gun exchange in mayfair, three times in three weeks. they say he a had stolen at least 17 guns and may not be acting alone here.
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anybody with information should contact police, what is he using why is he getting these guns. selling them? who knows. prosecutors have charged a sixth person for a shoot-out on atlantic city expressway, wilbur now faces three weapon possession charges. he showed up at the hospital with the bullet wound to the arm and shooting's aftermath. they matched blood inside a truck involved in that august 29th shooting to his blood. police say three vehicles were involve in the shoot-out that killed one person. a man was kill in the wrong way crash involving a delaware state trooper. delaware state police say a 77 year-old man was driving north bound on route one in dover when he swerved into on copping traffic hitting the trooper's squad car. that man died at the scene. the trooper was air lifted to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police officer who shot and killed, is on administrative leave. >> police are responding to an armed robbery and chased the suspect in the alley, late
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wednesday night. officers say the teen pulled out a bee-bee gun that is a replica of a police weapon. they thought it was real and then they shot and kill the boy. family of the three-year old boy is calling for a fair investigation into this shooting. >> is there inherent bias in the police investigating themselves. we have an issue with this being a 13 year-old child and the call nationally for a transparent investigation into this shooting. >> family for the boy says he has no prior criminal history. let's go to new york city. police say a man went after an off-duty detective with a meat cleaver yesterday afternoon. police shot him. confrontation began when two officers came across a man trying to remove a booth from his car when the guy pulled out a 11-inch meat cleaver. then ran off. several others joined the chase including the detective
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who tried to get him the guy that was attack. that man slashed the detective's face leaving a 6-inch cut. police fired 18 times hitting the man twice. the police commissioner bill bratton said the officer acted appropriately. despite public outcry penn state plans to mark the 50th anniversary of joe paterno's very first win. >> temple plays them saturday. >> yes. >> there will be a commemoration ceremony. hundreds of the late coaches former players made their way back to state college for a private reunion yesterday marking the milestone. the athletic director say commemorations during pena state's game saturday against temple will focus on paterno's commitment to student athletes and academics. plus highlights of the 1966 game no mention was made of the scandal or backlash for formally honoring ant versery. when this was announced it was trending a lot of people were upset saying maybe this should not happen, honor someone considering everything that happened at penn state. okay penn state people, temple people, weigh in on twitter and facebook.
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iphone seven and seven plus hit store shelves today. that seven plus is hard to find. >> last time we talk to dave he revealed they don't have jet black and they don't have iphone seven plus, right. >> i have a question for you. someone said, well what phone do they have then. >> folks we talk to say for the most part they will get a seven plus that isn't the jet black color. they have another color called matt black. i don't know the difference but a math the math black iphone seven, they have, they just don't have the jet black iphone seven. any of the iphone seven pluses. you say you want the seven but you are okay not getting the jet black one. >> yeah, yeah. >> tell me about that. >> i am sad but i think it is okay, because it has a better camera.
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more gig a by the. it is waterproof. i think it is okay. >> reporter: waterproof, more gigabytes, all and better. so tell me, what is the first thing you will do when you get that new iphone seven even though it won't be jet black. >> i think i will post instagram. >> first thing. >> yeah. >> reporter: very cool. you had a shocking reaction to the news when i told you because what happened was manager came out and gave everybody the news but it didn't get down the line. tell me about how shocked you were at first. >> i feel sad because i came here for about 4:00 a.m. >> reporter: 4:00 a.m. in the morning. >> yes. it is a little bit disappointing. >> reporter: a lot of people have left, loft people got news they pack up their chairs, they got rid of their
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coffee and said we will go home. by the way they are serving, apple is serving coffee here to some people, around the corner there, coffee from the star bucks store across the street. i guess you can say if you didn't get jet black iphone seven or if you didn't get seven plus, you at least got a cup of coffee and t-shirt that says all i got was this lousy, well not lousy but cup of coffee but not iphone, back to you. >> there is a study of society right there. everybody is on the phone. >> dave, real quickly, because we want to clear this up. they do not have any iphone seven plus's, right. >> yeah, as we have been saying all morning consistently they don't have the iphone seven jet blacks or any of the i phone seven plus's at this store here. you have to get those on line. >> they have no plus. >> all you cap get is iphone seven in all colors except for
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jet black that is all you can get in ardmore and center city locations in the apple store. just to make it clear. people are excited. >> reporter: pretty clear. >> so you got the your jet black, the shiny black. >> that is matt black. >> matt means opposite of shine, no shine. matt black. >> yes, why is this so hard. >> it says people tweeted me jet black is shiny and regular black is matt. >> yes, yes. opposite of shiny is matt. >> oh, god. >> i do know what i'm saying. for the love of god, doug luzader we know the difference between shiny and matt. i think jet black is shiny and matt is not. i think you are correct.
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>> yes, yes. >> thanks. we will see you tomorrow. >> reporter: we will see you monday. >> let's talk politics now with donald trump and hillary clinton. >> yes, well, a lot of new polls to talk about here. these are polls of likely voters which is always interesting to go look at verse polls of registered voters. if donald trump's hair looks more unusual this morning this is why. >> donald trump letting his hair down and why not, every recent poll shows a tightening race and many show trump now ahead of the hillary clinton. you pay attention to the polls. >> i love the polls but i don't pay attention if i'm losing or lagging i never mention them. >> don't mention these. new fox poll has him up nationally by a point. add in the libertarian and green party candidates and hillary clinton is a point up but well within the margin of error n ohio, a university
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poll has trump up by three points, up by a surprising eight in this poll from iowa. all of these are polls of likely not registered voters which gives some read as to who has more enthusiastic followers. >> we all know the answer, it is donald trump. so part of this is a warning to hillary clinton and democrats that they are going to have to do a heck of a lot more to stir their base and get them out to vote. >> reporter: clinton meantime trying to reset her campaign after taking one days off to recover from what they are doctors says was pneumonia. she spoke at a congressional hispanic black caucus in washington telling them that trump still questions whether president obama was born in the u.s. >> he still wouldn't say, america. this man wants to be our next president. when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry.
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>> reporter: trump campaign put out a statement that donald trump now believes that president obama was in fact born... >> i knew his window was closing. what he was trying to say is donald trump late yesterday afternoon said yes, i believe president obama was born in the united states of america. >> press release. >> press release. >> supposedly from his mouth. >> spokesperson, who normally speaks for him. that works there are some people who feel that they want him to say it from his own mouth. it is his spokesperson. >> speaking of mouths and trump how about his son's mouth. comments were made on the radio station in philadelphia, that radio station is wpht. they had donald trump, junior on. >> then we want to say we have been playing this there is one part that people are focusing on but we do acknowledge it is one piece of lengthy answer he gave during his interview. >> why don't we do this again. >> why don't we make it longer. >> we are trying to do right now which is why we are talking about it.
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>> yes. >> in the control room is that what you are trying to do, make the bite longer. >> okay, that is enough, i got you. i got you. >> we're ten seconds. it is on a radio station here yesterday afternoon and asked donald trump junior was said, you know, if democrats or if republicans were making comments make these, they wouldn't like it, democrats wouldn't like it. listen to this. >> the media has been her number one surrogate in this. without the media, this wouldn't even be a contest but the media has built her up. they have let heavier slide on every discrepancy, on every lie, on every dnc game trying to get bernie sanders out of the thing. if republicans were doing that they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> so, after that he did rethink his thoughts there and apologize for that.
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see some people if you grew up in a state where they have a gas chamber as a death penalty, he is talking about that. >> capitol punishment or crime. >> but many, many, many people, maybe more than half, thought of the nazis, and concentration camps, and killing jews. warming up the gas chambers. >> because you have to warm up the gas chamber. >> i don't know what do you think. >> we're not saying we're looking both side so you can judge for yourself. a lot of people have an opinion on it. >> another trump, was speaking out yesterday and that would be donald trump's daughter ivanka walked out of an interview with cosmopolitan magazine after a reporter push her on some of her father a's past comments. she was there to discuss donald trump's proposed child care policy that she helped put together. didn't they announce that here in philadelphia down in aston?
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but reporter wanted thorough address comments her father made back in 2004 when he said pregnant i was an inconvenient thing for a business and she was asked why trump's current paid leave proposal didn't apply to gay couples or include paternity leave? she later blasted the reporter from cosmo for having too much negativity in her questions, she broke off interview, stood up and walk out. and then there was silence. 7:18. we have some breaking news. >> yeah, good morning, everybody. 7:18. that accident a few moments ago in white marsh, sky fox over the scene, ouch, a nasty crash here, police have confirmed at least one person killed. this is a busy stretch joshua and flourtown road, it is a one lane small narrow roadway, divided obviously by yellow line here. it looks head on.
7:19 am
two people in the vehicles, one killed this morning. this will cause delays through our morning rush hour. sky fox over the scene. lets go to the maps. this is white marsh at flourtown and joshua road. so expect delays through the neighborhood through morning rush hour. another accident northbound lanes of the 42 freeway at creek road causing for some extra delays heading in towards to that walt whitman bridge. live look downtown we will go vine street expressway heavy from broad street over through the schuylkill, no accidents just a lot of volume folks leaving town this morning. coming north on i-95 in toward airport area there is debris on the northbound side of i-95, it is some tire treads that actually kind of blew off one of the tires here causing for folks to move in and out as you head north on i-95. but dave, a lot of sun glare and that will naturally slow us down. >> that will warm us up, off to a cool start 40's, 50's, 60's but many surrounding
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suburbs cool this morning. chill in the air. grab coat, you'll need it later tonight when sun goes down and see that temperature drop. ultimate doppler radar montgomery, bucks county, fall festival this weekend looking good. 5:00 a.m. advisory 40 miles an hour but very little movement, it will just stay off coast of the carolinas. we will see that warm air get pulled up ahead of the front impacting area this weekend in the seven day forecast and show you when starting off today nice, comfortable at 78. big warm up from where we are right now and then dropping to 58, maybe 40's in the suburbs overnight. eighty-three tomorrow. sunday we have rain coming in late p.m. showers rain lingers to monday, gone by tuesday, wednesday and thursday looking nice again with temperatures back in the 80's. speaking of thursday mark it down that is first day of fall. alex? >> so true. >> we have less than a week, get up and enjoy it. 7:20. finally a recall what you need to do if you have one of these
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samsung note seven phones that are now considered a fire hazard. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud.
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he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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iphone seven people are having a big week, big day to day. >> every day we talk about how they are working on a recall. >> i'm sorry, i just talk about iphone. >> i'm thinking of samsung. >> well, just compare and contrast. >> well, go ahead with lauren. >> so iphone folks, apple people are having a big, big day. samsung people have had a horrible week. that was my comparison. >> maybe we should go to lauren. >> sometimes it the is better that way. >> i think she should listen to me. >> you are a married couple today. >> we are just listening to you. >> break it up. >> all right. here's what is going on i
7:25 am
thephone already sold out for most part. goes on sale today. some people have gotten them. huge hit. apple shares you own them because they are so widely held having their best week in five years. we will take it. split side. arch rival samsung officially we have a recall, called for by the government, 1 million of the note seven devices. >> geese. >> called back. i had one this morning. one of the producers here is walking a around with his note seven that is recalled with 77 . i was using it as my prop, showing everybody but i was scar. i'm going to blow up here. there is 92 reports of customers having their battery over heat getting burned, all property damage, you name it. as apple is having their best week in five years samsung is estimated to lose $5 billion because of this fiasco. >> hard to get that image out
7:26 am
of your mind a jeep blowing up in flames. >> yep. >> next week new note seven with the different battery comes out, you can get that. >> replace them. >> yes. >> you can get another device in the meantime, but hey, new jersey transit say don't use them. faa says don't use them and new government says done though, recalling 1 million of them. >> what is other device in the meantime. >> you have an option. >> my thing if i'm having a note seven i want something at that level or better. don't give me a flip phone. >> at this point i just don't want anything to catch fire, okay, all right. >> i was nervous, holding the phone. >> i was joking with charles i said do you have something against me? are you trying to blow me up? >> i know charles and he does not like you you. >> way to go, mike. >> that is so nice of you. >> he is so nice today. >> give him a little punch.
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>> i'll hand that will during commercial break. >> she was choking me during the last commercial break. >> i was not. >> look at this guy. >> thank goodness it is friday. >> we are like an old married couple. >> we a any each other and there is no sex. just like a married couple. listen to this. >> wait, we're not finished yet. >> i thought this casual friday thing was being phased out by businesses but casual friday is still hanging around. but guys we don't know how to dress. we go check he is and that is no good. hi jen. >> hi, baby. we're at saks fifth avenue this morning, new office casual kind of like the new math. this is fancy pants but mike, this is what i want to see you in a sport suit we will have a live life model showing us how this works but i say yes, i'm
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in. (f♪ot steps) (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine) ♪ (heart beat) ♪ (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road) ♪
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good morning, everybody. 7:30. updating breaking news this fatal subsequent in white marsh, montgomery county. we are looking live from sky fox along joshua road just off fitzwater town road, a nasty crash, police are on the scene, this will tie traffic up obviously for morning rush hour. it is that stretch of the road here where it is narrow to begin with. it looks like a head on collision here. lets go to the maps to tell
7:31 am
you where we're talking about. it is flourtown and joshua road, with police on the scene and that will be closed through the morning rush hour. elsewhere we have debris on the north bound side of 95, i-95 north heading up toward the airport. if you are heading out of town this morning, first it looked like the tire treads but now we have a penndot truck blocking what would be one of the center lanes. it could be more than just the tire tread. here we go look at penndot guy jumping out in traffic here trying to get that debris off northbound lanes. coming in from new jersey northbound lanes of the 42 freeway watch for delays heading in toward creek road an combination of the accident and that morning rush hour and we have some sun glare dave, coming around the curve. >> sunshine to warm things up, cool in the suburbs. buddy has avocado for national quacamole day. fifty's and 60's. one or to suburbs upper 40's
7:32 am
like allentown mount pocono. chill in the air. grab a coat before you head out tonight, this morning you'll need it again tonight. temperatures will quickly drop. nothing on the radar. ultimate doppler is clear. there is sun glare at 60 degrees with a light breeze, north/northeast at 6 miles an hour. as quickly as we warm up in the 07's we will quickly drop, right when that sun goes down 10 degrees at least, between four and 9:00 o'clock. could be in the 40's again by tomorrow morning in a few of those suburbs. mike and alex. we have iphone 2347 my hand right now, and if you, tell us to do it, let me put my dish here we will put this phone because this is what we do on good day philadelphia we cannot just have a nighttime we have to do something controversial and we will put new iphone in the water. >> it is controversial. we can do that. drop it in water. we do this for you. we want to test it out before we buy it. will it work. >> only if you say it is okay on twitter. >> tweet us, instagram, should we because this is water,
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folks, should we do it. >> donald trump junior has come under fire for comments he made on a philadelphia radio station that was on wednesday but we learned about it yesterday. wpht talk radio 1210. >> our bruce gordon has more on a comment that rubbed more people a wrong way. >> in a wednesday interview with wpht radio donald trump junior, suggested that the media let democrat hillary clinton get all way of manner of misstatements and miss deed if republicans were doing that they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> reporter: joshua runyan editor and chief and web site call the gas chamber comment, unfortunate. >> it references the holocaust, it references what 6 million of our people went through, many of them who were gassed in gas chambers and the death camps and then burned in ovens. >> reporter: trump junior since tried to clarify his comment saying he was referencing half dozen u.s. state that use gas chamber to
7:34 am
execute convicted criminals. for her part hillary clinton is still dealing from the fall out of her description of half of the trump supporters as deplorable racist, sexist and homophobes. trump cam has turned that in an attack ad. >> you know is what deplorable hillary clinton viciously demon icing hard working people like you clinton admitted her criticism was overstated, by saying, that i regret saying half, that was wrong. >> if there is one less an that can be gleaned from this campaign on both side it is that words matter. >> so donald trump junior is gannon camera this morning talking about that radio interview that happened here in philadelphia on wednesday, here he is. >> i was talking about media bias. i was talking about if you you are a conservative it is essentially capitol punish: jay tapper said donald trump junior played the same thing, i said same thing media bias and i used the term electric chair. it was poor choice of word
7:35 am
perhaps but in no way, shape or form was i even remetly talking about the the holocaust. i wouldn't do it. i think that is disgusting. the it is not my style, sister, my brother-in-law who is a great friend, half of my businessmen in my wedding were jewish. would i never do that. >> so what do you think? when you heard the comment gas chamber, do you think back to states in the united states of america that use for capitol punishment. i grew up in kansas. gas chamber was way they administered capitol punishment. >> they still do it. >> yeah. >> boy kansas they are still hanging people into the 60's and 70's. is that how you took it. do you think of the holocaust? donald trump, is not only politician though to be plaqued by things. his relatives and friend have done. >> another instance of other politicians, when you look back in history, where their relatives said something and it affects their campaign.
7:36 am
>> or their behavior. so should that a affect, you wants to vote for that person, what the behavior of a relative or a friend was or a comment. so lets go back a little bit. hillary clinton, sometimes haunted by the problems of her own husband back in the 90's who famous cheated on her with white house intern monica lewinsky works that affect you his behavior affect whether you want to vote for his wife now? >> and then bill clinton himself dealt with the embarrassment of his half brother roger quick for cocaine in 1985 and issues in 2001 with a drunk driving arrest. justice department revealed clinton failed to register as a lobbyist. >> lets go to the bush tamly neil bush, some people don't even know bush's have a brother name neil, nail bush brother of george w. bush and son of george hw bush drew attention because he solicited
7:37 am
prostitutes in thailand and hong kong, and he has been link to a russian billion air who lives in exile. >> lets get to the doubt are of ronald reagan patty davis former drug addict and disagreed with her father's political stances. she has supported gay rights, and pro choice and live with her boyfriend before they were married. michael reagan, former president's adopted son generated some controversy when he claimed he was sexually abused by camp counselor. >> you cannot forget billy carter, brother of jimmy carter, billy, they is on the left who once grazed cover of the newsweek magazine. he was never one to hide his drinking problems. he made a beer called billy beer. i think i have one of those cans there back in the day. he once told reporters he was quote unquote a real southern boy who said quote, i got a red neck, white socks, and blue ribbon beer. billy carter. does that affect the way you vote? 7:37.
7:38 am
great moments from donald trump on jimmy fallon's show last night including jimmy touching the donald's hair. >> he did more than just touch it, he messed it. >> he rubbed it.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
you know, we've trained our viewers very well over 20 years, we have been on this program. >> you have. >> because 99 percent of them want to us throw this brand new iphone seven into the water. now couple of you said, hold on, mike and alex, the phonies water resistant, not waterproof. if you dip it in you have to do it fast. >> really some people are telling us we should duck it. >> leave it down a at bottom of the bowl. >> slam dunk. >> it is not ours. >> yes. >> right now. >> we will do it with him here. >> we should see how long it will last. >> 7:41. as we mentioned donald trump got laughs on the tonight show with jimmy fallon.
7:42 am
>> jimmy fallon asked him about a range of topics, talking about board games, his love of fast food and then, if he can touch his hair. >> it is true, you eat fast food all the time. >> i eat it a little bit when we're traveling because we're on the plane. they have a big thing to preserve. they have a name whether it is mcdonald's, wendy's or any of them and at least you you know what you are getting. i don't want to go into a restaurant and say mr. trump would like a hamburger to go. i don't know what they will do to that hamburger, if they like me, i'm happy. if they don't like me... >> sorry. >> i like monopoly. >> can i mess your hair up.
7:43 am
>> the answer is yes but people in new hampshire where i will be in an hour from now i hope they will understand, okay. >> go ahead. >> donald trump everybody. >> donald trump everybody. >> you have inspired me. >> i have had people say is that a wig. >> on your head. >> yeah. >> i got it from snap on tools i snap it on in the morning. >> he says right now since he is the presidential candidate we are technically civilians. if i have something i want to do and do it now because next time you come here you might be president.
7:44 am
>> as of right now jimmy fallon are equals. >> yes, they are civilians. >> yes. >> that is right. >> i will tell you this, fish face, ten years ago, all right, that is enough. ten years ago on a show i used to do for fox in new york, called today side, we had donald trump on. >> did you do that to him. >> yes. >> did you feel anything. >> ten years ago we did that. >> some people wonder, you know, if it is real. >> i'm asking you if you felt for yourself. >> you and i have had it. >> what is going on with us. >> i still love you. >> i love you too. >> someone said don't take mike personally. i think people are on my side. >> oh, they are. >> after all these years. >> she has been here two years, i have been here forever. >> i can't take you seriously with that hair. >> it is casual friday. i will have my hair casual today. here's the thing.
7:45 am
jen wants me in a certain outfit not just guys wearing khakis, i'm casual, we have to be more sophisticated then that, jen. >> you know, touring a snowstorm, how about this, how about my friend dan. this is casual, sophisticated and chic, we will have more adorable way to go, dan. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage...
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the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age.
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john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
7:48 am
another accident, here along route 309, this is southbound lanes, of 309 right here as awe approach the fort washington, involving an overturned vehicle. now this stretch is typically i want to say drag racing but they can get speeds going pretty good here rolling down in toward the turnpike. overturn vehicle. we had a car smoking here a few moments ago. it looks like that far right shoulder gets the on by. that is 309 out there in fort washington. a fatal accident that occurred about an hour ago in white marsh right at intersection of the flourtown and joshua road will tie us up through morning
7:49 am
rush hour with local detours a crash north on the freeway as you head in toward creek road heading in toward the construction zone so that is add strag time to the gang coming from new jersey. we have 10 miles an hour on the schuylkill expressway, 19 on i-95, is sun glare a problem all weekend long? dave has the forecast in 15 seconds. no sun glare, no sunrise. beautiful shot across the pottstown, from the schuylkill river. and this was sent from elizabeth, thank you for that there. we have sunshine warming these temperatures up n rain out there. ultimate doppler is clear. you need sun in allentown, mount pocono, upper 40's, close to 50 in pottstown, up to 60 in philadelphia 70's in
7:50 am
no time, close to 80 today. we will see things warming up. the here's what to expect nice breeze, low hugh mid but gets warmer tomorrow. we will stay dry, humidity will creep up and we have rain coming in by late sunday and monday, so first two days look good in the seven day forecast. there is that rhawn sunday to machine and monday clears out, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, looking pretty good for the rest of the week with the phillies and start of the fall there on thursday. >> thanks, so much. look at mike over here. because, for men who are just trying to look more casual, casually cool, is there a difference though. >> yeah. >> different work environment. mike you don't do casual friday. you are always dressed to the nine's. >> you better believe it. >> there are still things called casual friday. we don't get this right very often. >> you don't. >> joining us here, to help us out is jen from saks fifth
7:51 am
avenue. >> hi there jen. >> if i get fashion right i have to start at the right address, saks fifth avenue. good morning. >> other thing we are talk about is not just casual friday but new office casual. >> office casual. >> many offices do this monday through friday. >> it is new office casual work place is getting more casual. sometimes you are not even in the work place. >> we are just out and about. >> we will begin with my new friend will. please come up here. one thing i noticed what are you wearing underneath jacket. it is a refined top. >> it is a refined top, easy layers. he has a sweater, jacket, all easy layers to wear and switch out. >> now his pants are pleaded but they are not super baggy. >> it is perfect fit pant and that is key part of the the new office casual look. >> his shoes are sharp but you could chase someone -- >> hybrid dress shoe. we have the dress shoe up are part and then performance
7:52 am
part. >> he will switcharoo a little bit and that shoe it is not just that type of the shoe. you can go quicker, will. he is a professional model, ladies and gentlemen. one thing he can do it is a loafer, a lot of things. >> yes. >> variety of ways. >> willis very slow. this is a sporty suit. >> it has a little bit less padding in the shoulders, less structured, softer fabric, more fitted. >> and the shoe also is different. >> yes. >> mutual color, leather, clean, not embellished and wear it. >> guess who is ready to go object tv. >> will. >> you go put your other outfit on. we see the same thing. will, you know i love you. this is different because it is same look with just a sport coat overtop. >> we have a new collection jacket and just different way to do ease layer. softer sport coat and it takes
7:53 am
this look more casual to a little bit less. >> i like it because he looked dateable but yet not like he tried too hard. >> he looks great. >> great wedding ring on so he is not dateable. >> we will round it out with dan also my new friend. you look amazing. mike jerricky want your ruling on this hybrid jacket thing what do you call it professionally. >> this is another way to do easy layer. hybrid jack wet mid sleeves and quilted body, and another way to switch out sport suit an update a little bit. >> mike g the cam why guy toss than the like that thisy goes with thisy. >> yes. >> it is sleek. >> that is what my man dan says. if man likes i, it is cool. mike g you are wrong welcome to the new office casual. >> i like ate lot. >> jen, is everything okay with your marriage.
7:54 am
>> my husband is out of town, ladies and gentlemen. >> i'm getting texts about these models, that guy looks like ken. >> hello. >> i don't know if she loves will or this guy more. really crushing on the mod tolls day. >> i'm getting text messages. >> i don't want to call them out. >> dan. >> dan actually. >> dan is the man. >> we're just minutes away from the doors opening there, that is walnut street between 16th and 17th they are about to open the doors. we have lines on both side of the door we will take through live.
7:55 am
great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business.
7:57 am
we're trying to have a good time and then somebody book doctor mike again for the fifth day in a row and he has come ton say no matter what you are doing right now, it is killing you.
7:58 am
>> we just can't to anything doctor mike. >> lets go through it. >> there is a little bit of dust in my house, that will kill you today. >> they did a study, 45 toxic chemicals are in dust. they come from the furniture, they come from the flooring, they can have have effects, mainly on little kids if you think bit, they are crawling around. they are down there where the dust is, and it can affect things like hormones, development of your brain, all of these things. take home message get a really good vacuum cleaner to suck it up with a good filter. you just don't want to push it around. >> alex and i will go have a friday afternoon cocktail, that will kill us. >> we can't do that either. >> there was a new study showing that one glass of wine or one drink a day can increase your risk a little bit of something called atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm problem because it stretches the top of the heart but it is
7:59 am
just a little bit and like my grandfather a always said everything in moderation. >> usually every day after work my favorite part of the day i go home and take a nice map especially on friday a nice lanning nap. >> both of us take a nap in the afternoon. separate places, most of the time. >> how long do you nap for. >> here's the problem. >> if it is a friday, whenever i wake up. >> wrong answer. >> that is killing to. >> if you take a nap for more than an hour you go into deep sleep, i have said this before, and what happens is it disrupts your rhythms and this new research, actually not that new, increased your risk of diabetes. key is if you take a snap it is less than 30 minutes because then you enter sleep inertia and you feel worse. >> thirty minutes is worse. >> i can do two hours. >> here's the thing. >> next topic, breathing, is killing you. >> yes. >> what?
8:00 am
>> so look. >> really, breathing. >> i feel i deal with life and death all day long and it gets to me every once in a while. every year, i will admit this i go on a retreat. i see my psychiatrist, can we show him. i had a video here. >> this is my psychiatrist. >> that ain't no man. >> we're all going to die. >> it is a welderness experience. you eat insects and stuff. but bottom line is folks, we're all going to die some day. >> we're trying to have a good friday. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> have a good time. >> iphone seven they are opening apple stores. >> what is this. >> i don't know where the one on the right is, okay a.
8:01 am
the one that is still closed is center city. the one that is opened is the one in ardmore. >> suburban square. >> walking out with the iphone. >> he is checking people in. >> that is an apple guy. >> here they go. >> first couple, ardmore is in, ladies and gentlemen, ardmore is in. walnut street. >> they are clapping. >> it is open. >> let's crank up the audio. >> are you excited. >> yes. >> one or two people have been out the there 24 hours. most of them all night long. what is the big deal? >> beautiful. >> latest ieven if. bragging rights, great conversation piece, the camera
8:02 am
is better. it doesn't have the head phone jack. >> look at the that. >> there is a guy that came all the way from new york to be on walnut street all night. he said first thing he will do with his phonies take a picture. how about buy a camera. >> but to have it all in one, then you have to up load it, blue tooth it. at the end of the day you want your pictures on your phone. >> listen folks, everybody standing in line, i have an iphone seven in my hand. >> how you are you doing. >> good to see you, my man. >> what is worth, look at the that line. >> it is absolutely insane. it is just preorder in a couple days unless you put this on e bay and make a thousand bucks or sell it to somebody, i don't get it. it is cool but not wasting my whole night sitting in line cool. >> aren't they backup to november. >> i found that my personal
8:03 am
ieven if new plus size is a little delayed, september 23rd good we will walk dunn to 16th street here, do we have enough cable. you might be surprised when we take a left turn on long that is. isn't that the happy rooster over there at 16th and sansom, right. >> yes. >> bob would know about that. >> there is a mets fan. >> yes. >> someone tweeted me and said, don't you preorder. don't they have number of iphone in the store for first come, first serve. >> not too many, stores get limited quantity. plus size models are not available anywhere in the stores yet. >> plus side models. >> so we have an i thephone seven. is this the seven or seven plus i have in my hand. >> this is regular seven and there is one big difference if you flip it around big difference between seven and seven plus is dual camera lens. that only has one lens.
8:04 am
>> this is black or jet black. >> this is jet black, this is popular model. >> this is one you cannot get this. >> you cannot but we got it. >> don't you feel special. >> how does it feel. >> really light. >> touch the home button. >> it ever ends. >> it is not a butt on. >> the head phone jack, the home button. >> it is weird. >> look at you with the pass word. it is not my phone. >> do we do what he we have been saying yet. >> throw it the in the water. >> what is the best feature on it. >> the best feature is now widgets i like which is part of ios10 but integrates nicely. other thing for someone, on the road like me, that battery
8:05 am
life is almost, it seems like doubled. i have not used it as much as my regular phone but battery life is much better, and it is almost twice as fast as iphone six. at the end of the day it is faster but these things are all so fast. >> if i put this on ebay right now a lot of moneyy think you can get a thousand bucks for the thing if not more. >> we are not giving it back. >> there is a trade in program right now if you have an iphone six or five you can get up to $650 bill credit. you can do some stuff. in the stores they range there 600 bucks, 650 to up to almost 800. >> we are voting here on twitter. >> our viewers are saying to us because we have this lovely bowl of water here. they are like they never said it was water resistant. waterproof. they said water resistant. >> water resistant. my friend pat and lou are probably frequenting out is mike going to do this. i take no responsibility but
8:06 am
it is rated 6/7 in dura built. six means dust tight and dust proof. seven means you can dip tonight to a meter of water for about 30 minutes. >> let's don't do it. >> my gosh. >> where is paper. >> how did that happen. >> i'm sorry. >> is what the name of the guy that owns the phone. >> we will see. >> who has rags. >> we need rags. >> it is okay. >> are pat and luke big guys. >> i think they can lay it down. don't mess with pat on the golf course. >> that is all right. >> so basically people are freaking out we were dropping this i can put tonight there and let it chill for 30 minutes with no problem. >> exactly. >> can i make a phone call in the the water.
8:07 am
>> funny thing i just put my sim card in there otherwise it probably would make a call that would be kind of cool. >> put your blue tooth set on and ready to go. >> here's the deal, they give you these wireless air buds but they are not there yet. they basically plug in the adopter, it comes for free because everybody complained with the lightening cable years ago so you do have an adapter here for the headset. >> one tip. >> do not let this go into the water,. >> yes. >> i wouldn't dump that in because reason why, one of the main reasons they removed headset so they could have it dust prove and water resistant and all that. >> don't do that. >> that is not even funny. >> do you have money to pay for this. >> better have my money samsung is having a very bad two weeks here, note seven, galaxy note, yeah.
8:08 am
>> yes. >> yeah, catching fire, blowing up cars, exploding, not being allowed to be taken on the airplanes. it is a a big glitch. everyone complained this phone can have enough new features. at least it doesn't blow up on you. maybe samsung is calling that a feature, i don't know. if you have one you ought to be really careful because there is reports of every where of bad things happening. >> iphonies on fire and samsung is is on fire. >> literally. >> good to see you, anthony. >> thanks, anthony. >> we will say thank you to your friend. >> you got it. >> dave warren. >> when your phonies blowing up, it is not just a meta thephor. >> right to a number ten. weather is good here. we have low humidity, sunshine, temperatures will really climb. we will keep it the a at a ten. it is national quacamole day 50 to 60, cool start in those
8:09 am
suburbs, radar shows we are clear. it is up to 52 in allentown. warming up to mount pocono to 63 in philadelphia watch for sun glare, up to 63, that wind north/north east at 6 miles an hour and our temperatures will climb in the upper 70's, quickly dropping though down to 65 degrees, bob kelly doing weather. >> sixty-five, quick cool down. >> 8:09. a lot of sun glare and a lot of accidents this morning keeping the streaking for the week. this is southbound 309 about a mile before the pennsylvania turnpike. an overturned vehicle on the southbound lanes everybody push over to that right shoulder, so we are bumper to bumper to bumper for half a mile to a mile there. southbound i-95 disable in the actual construction zone and then white marsh a nasty accident, lets role video from sky fox, flourtown and joshua
8:10 am
road a nasty fatal accident that happened about two hours ago, right before sunrise where there is only two lanes. real narrow. police are on the scene there. go back to the maps, flourtown and joshua expect delays through morning rush hour and then north on the 42 freeway, delays coming in towards city, we have got normal volume and then earlier accident working your way in toward creek road, has transit and bridges looking good at the moment, mike and alex, back over to you. >> we are still playing around with the phone. >> we can't stop ourselves. >> wendy williams is back, her new season kicks off on monday but first here's here to talk about hot topics like another naked selfie from kim kardashian, really. >> i will tell you how many selfies kim kardashian took in a four day period. stunning. what is going on, wills eye hospital in philadelphia
8:11 am
a, may lose a specific part of the title dispute that may change the way wills eye hospital operate, are they no longer, a hospital. looking at apple store, there is one in center city.
8:12 am
8:13 am
pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
8:14 am
did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! apple store on walnut street, and staggered fashion here. maybe 30 people at a time because the line is still way down the block on walnut and 16th street. lets stay on walnut street and talk about wills eye hospital. >> patients in philadelphia and around the world may no longer receive critical eye care at wills eye hospital. this is over a dispute between the hospital and center for medicaid services over how wills eye is classified. >> it has changed to a ambulatory surgery center or a surgery center, some people
8:15 am
call it that means wills eye would not be permitted to treat infants under six months old or patient was requiring four hours of operating time or more than four hours of recovery time. senator bob casey joins us now here. good to see you, senator. >> good to see you, senator. >> so i bet just about everybody watching this show right now has had some relationship with wills eye. they are known around the world. some relative or friend has been to that hospital. is it a hospital? the word happies on the wall. >> it is, we want to make sure it remains so. what you have here is a conflict between a federal policy as it relates to in patient services and state policy as to what constitutes a hospital. if we allow both federal and state policy to just march forward you have a clash and the hospital would have to close. >> what is difference between a hospital and surgery center that you walk in and out of. >> just a question of in
8:16 am
patient services. we want to make sure that wills eye cannot justin under state law as a hospital but they can do those important in patient services, whether it is for kid or adults and as you indicated everyone it seems has a connection or some connection to wills eye. my daughter at 5:00 came down to wills and sight in her left eye was preserved solely because of wills eye hospital. >> amazing. >> this is a picks door of you now. >> what is her name. >> julia. >> hi, julia. >> she's a volunteer in connecticut. picture of her is better than me i'm looking old. >> reason why thinks debate because the other side people are saying well, there is too little in patient business and maybe not enough give that it hospital designation. >> sometimes, in this casey think we can but we have to keep pressure on. we can work with our federal officials and say let's figure
8:17 am
out how on get from here to there. we have an appeal pending. we have to get through you this period. then come up with a rational solution so hospital can be in compliance with federal and state law. >> reason why they care because there is a a higher reimbursement when a surgery is done at a hospital verse a center. >> considerably higher for a difference of 700 or something dollars for one procedure. >> they have been part of the federal system for years. they have been an in patient facility for better part of four years. the federal policy fully enforced here doesn't make sense in the real world. we are trying to get brewer crats to think about the real world, a world class facility that treat children from all over the world. so it is about money. >> bottom line is it money. >> i think it is only about providing the kind of serve that is only wills eye can provide. >> but it has to be about money because it is about
8:18 am
reimbursement and you get from medicare, medicaid. >> they have to make end meet and i don't care how we get there i just want to make sure we keep wills where it is right now providing the kind of services that no hospital from here in florida can provide. >> why are they saying, well, it is four hospital beds and all this and to give all this money, what is emphasis on that. >> look federal government has to keep track of what is happening in the hospital, how many in patient and outpatient service. i realize that. the determination they have made here i think is wrong. >> where did it start? was somebody complaining? who came up with this. >> it happens, sometimes just as a matter of course and in this case over time there has been a conflict between wills and cms. >> so they have to make sure they are still doing enough in patient services where it can't be designated as a hospital. >> that is a good way to describe it if the federal get their way and say you can't do
8:19 am
in patient services. can't do in patient services you are not a hospital. >> has the patient numbers gone down even though we know it is a great hospital is that why this happened. >> no, it is really just a case of a policy that the federal government has been threatening to enforce for a while and we are at this collision course. >> do they do other things beside eye care there. >> they do all kinds, of surgery and -- >> more than eyes or is it just eyes. >> at times they have to do services beyond that if a patient, you can just say to the patient who has a horrific injury we will just treat your eyes and you will be out of here. >> we reached out for center of the medicare and medicaid services for a statement. you no he what they said. they never called us back. >> well, they are calling us back. >> so far. >> i don't really care. >> good to see you, senator.
8:20 am
>> thanks for explaining this. >> it is not easy to explain. >> we need to look into it but that is what we're here for to help explain it and break it down. >> she read it with her good eyes. >> 8:20. jessica alba, may be getting richer. how could she be richer she's a billion air. >> her honest company she's considering selling it. who is willing to shell out $1 billion for her company. >> $1 billion, mike. >> really. >> we're pumped up, all next week, here at fox, to celebrate we are giving away $500 in cash. so starting saturday tomorrow afternoon during the ohio state/oklahoma game which will be a good game as a matter of fact. then gannon monday through friday, 8:00 to 9:00, 8:00 o'clock hour we will put up a code word, you write that down, get to fox, enter, and then we will decide if you will win that $500 for six days starting tomorrow, by the way, i know the game is at
8:21 am
night, it will be prime time. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
i have a question, do i have any shot, any shot, at being some day with jessica alba like marrying her. >> i think she's already married. >> well that can even. >> mike, don't say that. >> she's married to a guy named cash. >> are you saying she might get more money. >> she has money, man. >> her company honest company organic baby company, baby food and small products. >> it does well. >> it is up for sale and reportedly in talks to sell with unilever which makes dove and body sprays. deal is valued at $1 billion. >> 1 billion. >> that is lower than $1.7 billion the company was once reported worth. >> it was worth more. >> they have had a lot of lawsuits, and maybe why she's selling lower and one claiming honest companies their organic
8:25 am
baby food contain synthetic ingredients. >> is there another one complaining that the laundry detergent contained harsh chemical cleaners found in tide. of course, alba denied these claims and she might still get her billion dollars. >> i think she will be fine with the 1 billion, as opposed to 1.7 billion. >> she married a guy named cash. >> cash. >> she should change her name to cash. >> she married a guy named cash warren. >> any relation to you, dave? do you know cash warren? isn't that his name in the control room cash warren. >> okay, i thought it was a joke. >> she married a guy named cash. >> okay. >> we do a six hour show here every day of the week. weekend it is shorter. but in all that time you start reading the teleprompter and sometimes word come out of your mouth, you you are thinking something and even though the word might be the word health it comes out another way. so with all of the health
8:26 am
issues with hillary clinton, there is a new station up in new york channel seven up there and guy i know, torres, he had a word in his head when reporting about senator clinton's health, okay. this is how it came out. >> we begin with breaking news about hillary clinton's death, hillary clinton's doctors has just revealed the presidential candidate has been diagnosed with pneumonia. >> so he didn't even catch himself there when he said breaking news of hillary clinton's death. >> what? >> his co anchor didn't say anything eater prime example of sometimes newspaper just read and they are not thinking. we're not enlist evening to each other. we have to do better. >> what did i just say. >> you say we are not listening to each other, we have to do better. >> perfect. >> it is already working. >> you don't listen to me. >> that is absolutely correct.
8:27 am
>> no, do i too. >> my thing, listen, i say things a lot. >> wow. >> really. >> me too. >> i thought you were going to say so. but death and health. >> is there a big difference between somebody's health and their demise, yes, big difference. >> maybe thinking diagnosed, diagnosed, and let's break down the worth health. >> is there an e, a, there is a t-h in there, and those are the main letters of the word death. >> i'm trying to help him out. >> we cannot say anything because it can happen us. >> i make a mistake every single day on the show. >> did you make a mistake today. >> i'm about to. >> what are you looking at me. >> listen. >> between you and i, i believe you could beat me up. >> yes. >> you are faster, wirery. >> i'm wirery. >> that is not a flattering term. >> it is not.
8:28 am
>> no. >> wirery, seriously. >> you got moves, you're cat quick. >> that is it. >> so wendy williams is on our show, i love her. her new season kicks off on monday. you should see guest list but here's what i want to talk to her about. kim kardashian went on a four day vacation, guess how many selfies she took in that four day period. >> a couple hundred. >> no. >> it is in the thousands i'll reveal.
8:29 am
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[ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ]
8:31 am
8:31. wendy williams we love you, welcome back to philadelphia. >> we're back. >> how ry doing. hi mike and alex. good morning, philly. >> hello, wendy. >> so monday the new season. give it to us right in the face who are some of the guests this next week. >> i mean, you know, first of all there is no guest on the first day, it is all about me,
8:32 am
my wendy watchers, hot topics, you know how we love to talk about the celebrity, we do ask wendy. later in the week it will be whoopi, lala ale, the game will come and clear up some rumors, you know, rapper the game and bethenny frankel will be stopping bias well. >> i'm so excited you start with your hot topics. i feel like i have been out of the loop with my celebrity gossip because you have not been here over the summer. >> i have missed everyone, really i have so i cannot wait. >> good. lets do a hot topic to get us warmed. >> hottest topic here is that somebody has a new set but i won't show you until monday. >> come on. >> yes, really. >> yes. >> oh, please, it is gorgeousness here, are you serious. >> well your name is big that is for sure. >> look it sparkles.
8:33 am
>> it sparkles. >> just like you. >> i heard this wendy, see if you can confirm it because you know everything, kim kardashian went on a four day vacation and she took selfies, of course, she's one to to every day, how many over a four take period are you hearing that she took. >> i skipped that page, i don't know 500, i'm bored. >> are you ready. >> yes. >> 6,000 selfies in four days, have you ever done that. >> does it look like i do that? >> no, you have a life. >> anyway, so good for her. i want to know did the game good her sexually because that is what we will find out this week. the game is talking. the game is saying, he is implying he has been with courtney, kim, and chloe.
8:34 am
i have known game since radio days. so he and i talk differently then when he goes on other shows and does other things so i'm specifically getting him here in new york. i have questions. that is at the top of the my list. >> that is big. >> by the way, by the way, i do believe all three girls have shared not just the game, not together but separately but this is what they do. >> well, hold on, give me another name besides the game. >> you said it like a riddle, he said i have been with three kardashian was a song and we are trying to figure out which ones. >> we will get to the bottom of it when it comes. >> whoopi is good conversation and bethenny frankel is stirring things up in the new york housewives. she makes for good tv. >> hey wendy, do you still like doing the show? it is really hard work. >> it is hard work.
8:35 am
i'm coming back to radio, by the way, that idea is moving closer and closer and closer but there is no fun then having your own talk show live from new york. i'm not sick of doing this. i enjoy entertaining you all, hours are great because we are live so at 11:00 o'clock i have the rest of the day for myself to do things like get in the design studio, i have a shoe line coming you the on hsn, i have been doing clothing for a year now. i debut my shoes which go to a size 12 and i have got wide, i have the heels that match the flats and thigh high boots, pony skin, my mouth drools. so friday the 23rd i will be at hsn check your local listings and still there saturday with my apparel. in other word i love doing this show. >> it shows. >> the eighth season which is so surreal and we're renewed
8:36 am
to 2020 so my kid will go to college, i will have a retirement and hopefully i will be able to bow out of tv before you vote me off and kick me out. >> we wouldn't do that. >> thanks, wendy. >> we will see you monday. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you philly, you will always be special to me. >> ahh. >> we miss her in philly, that is for sure. >> i like that woman. >> she's great. >> can't wait to see her new set. >> now i can buy her shoes because it goes up to a size 12. >> is that what size you are. >> i'm a size 22. >> get the matching flats. >> ape boots. >> thigh highs. >> i love you bob kelly. >> i had a chance to work with wendy when she was in philadelphia at power 99. she was a hoot. 8:36. live look, 309 southbound that accident cleared off to the side heading down toward the
8:37 am
turnpike. lets roll video from another accident causing some delays here unfortunately involving a person on a bike taken to a local hospital here. we are waiting for the status of that person but lets come back to the maps here because that is moreland red right at fitzwater town road and police are telling me that with that investigation that will be closed until about noon time today and then of course we have had that nasty fatal accident in white marsh flourtown road at joshua road. we have sun glare every where and little bit of a backup on the bennie from mid span into downtown. at eighth and vine. ben franklin heavy working your way in to center city. >> thanks, bob. there is a new place here in old city that is pretty cool have you ever heard of people prints. >> no. >> we will explain when we come back.
8:38 am
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors.
8:40 am
in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:41 am
i will bring up something with chris wallace and i want his take on this in d.c. getting ready for his show on sunday. on wednesday afternoon on philadelphia radio station wpht they were talking to donald trump, junior and the host asked about, well, media coverage. donald trump junior said he thinks the media has taken it easy on hillary clinton. he said this. media has been her number one surrogate, in this. without the media this wouldn't even be a contest but media has built her up, they have let her slide on every discrepancy on every lie, on every dnc game trying to get bernie sanders out of the thing. if republicans were doing that they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> a lot of people chris, went right to nazi concentration
8:42 am
camps. is this a news story? >> well, look it is worth reporting. he is a top surrogate for donald trump. it was an unfortunate comment. you can hear him fumbling there but it is an unfortunate thing to say, it brings up the holocaust and just let me say holocaust, hitler, nazis, all that stuff should be off limits in any presidential campaign. i don't think it is a big deal. he was simply fumbling for word to say that he thought media was biased against trump but it was an unfortunate choice of word. >> he made the same statement to another radio station and he used the word electric chair, firing squad and went with gas chamber this time. you just can't touch it. >> is there plenty to talk about in terms of trump and
8:43 am
clinton themselves. >> i see our governor in new jersey will be on your show. >> we will talk to a top clinton official. we will talk to chris christie hoist a top trump advisor but you in charge of planning a potential trump presidential transition, plenty to talk about this week. we have hillary clinton with her illness, lack of transparency in coming clean about that, her comments about half of the trump supporters being deplorables, and then you have trump raising an issue with a interview with the washington post where he once again refused to say barack obama was born in america, raising the whole birther again. >> another thing you have somebody i have a lot in comment with what is your other guest on sunday. >> yes, you are both carbon based life forms, both george clooney. >> yes. >> we are talking about not about movies but his activism,
8:44 am
human rights concerns about south sudan, new country in the world riddled by civil war, millions of people caught the in the cross fire, leaders of the country looting it, taking billions out of the country, fascinating interview. finally our power play player of the week we got a sneak preview at the new national museum of african-american history on the mall. get a ticket. this place is amazing. really takes you through the highs and terrible lows of the black screens in this country over the last 400 years. >> ale leave with you this, our quarterback here for the philadelphia eagles has the number one selling jersey in america. how cousins jersey doing. >> we have dropped out there for a second what did you say. >> i will admit we had a bad week but we were playing the good team in pennsylvania, the pittsburgh steelers. >> listen to chris, that was a
8:45 am
pretty good shot fired by chris wallace. >> we will see you sunday. >> you bet. >> jen is trying to make us look better she hopes the guys out in casual friday, what else do you got? what else do you got. >> can i go on a field trip to "fox news" sunday and check with mr. clooney. >> brittany is here and you know how these fashion experts say this is what to wear. she will tell us what not to wear, what is to stay away from just say no to some of these awful trends and how to fix them up. we will go on a field trip together to see george clooney. ♪
8:46 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. okay a. welcome back shall. we are trying to make you look good, we're talking about some fall trend, good morning to you brittany. >> good morning. >> you probably recognize her for marie claire because she's fixing everything. >> yep. >> great to have you back in philadelphia. >> so happy to be here. >> thing i love about you is you have keep it real.
8:49 am
you have seen fall shows, spring shows. >> fashion week just ended yesterday. i'm so happy because i'm literally exhausted which is fine. >> so lets talk about these fall trends thaw are not the totally a fan of or you have to be a a super mod toll rock. >> yes. >> we will begin with the pajama trend. >> pajama set we have been seeing every where, chic, selena gomez, it looks like you are rolling out in your pajamas. it is same set on top, same set on the bottom. not everyone can really pull this off, let's be honest. >> cool. >> so i'm thinking this is a shirt from skirt we are at skirt in bryn mawr. what you do silky top trendies in but you can wear it on the top but combine witt a body skirt or a long layered skirt so you are not wearing a whole set top to to bottom. >> i love it. we have 90 seconds to go through the rest. >> you say don't do the big giant camo print.
8:50 am
>> something muted, we have seen kylie general inner big oversized prints. that is too much. you like to pair tonight one piece. this jacket. >> yes. i want to walk away with it but not in stores. it is coming. it is amazing. >> so the big situation is choker. >> he have seen these celebrities wearing them, a at the festival and concert. not everyone can do this. you cannot wear that to work. but this is something i say reserve it for those festivals, and those concerts and leave it at that. that is all you want. it is cute with an off the shoulder piece but not something you can do every single day. >> i have to say you are trying to rock trend last trend, the body chain is a whole outfit. >> we saw kate hudson was going to a meeting, wearing a crop top and body chain over
8:51 am
it. who could wear that in real life. >> it is in the real. >> this is basically a bracelet, you know, got it at blooming dale's, one of my favorite new pieces, just layer, it is not too much not wrapping it around my body. i can wear this to work too. >> to the law office. >> at marie claire's this go, at the office maybe not so much. wear it on the weekend or party. >> i'm typically a mess day and night. you have real fixes. >> yes. >> some swap outs for coming up in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> fashion fopas. >> so alex, i want to see in your your bandana unless you go to the festival, okay. >> i wear it around my glock rosie the riveter can do it, i can do. >> yes, of course, you can. >> exactly. >> thanks, jen. do i need fashion advice.
8:52 am
i'm getting it together folks. lets talk about the friend zone if you don't know if you are in it then we have a solution, there is a new hand sign to show you when romance is off the table. now people will be flashing hand signs because it is just awkward. newspapers know the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
8:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. so watch out for local detours, early morning accident in white marsh, flourtown road and joshua road. also some role detours and left over delays on the freeway as you work your way
8:56 am
in to philadelphia, we have had an earlier accident at creek road, and we're still dealing with sun glare, right here near conshohocken curve and that sun glare going to hang around all weekend mr. dave warren. >> not all weekend just today and tomorrow. the temperatures warming up quickly, bright sunshine, warming things things up heading in the 07's. down to the the 40's and lower 50's across north and western suburbs. tropical storm to the south, moisture will stay south, we will see that humidity coming up from the south and southern plains and ahead of the front will give us rain late on sunday so rain comes in, not saturday, saturday looks good but sunday and monday, clearing out by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, looking good with bright sunshine low humidity temperatures in the mid 80's just in time for start of the fall on thursday. mike and alex. thanks very much. >> 8:56 now. philly has given the world a lot of things like bubble gum, it was invented here did you you know that? what other inventions came
8:57 am
right here in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> i am ugly. >> beauty guru says that to get her to stop focusing on her spots, why she said you need to see yourself as a child. >> karen hepp joins us next.
8:58 am
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straight up 9:00 o'clock, welcome to the program. karen hepp joins us now. so you have had an interesting 24 hours. police have been at your house, chicken run wild and front door of your house was opened. >> yes. >> wow. >> that is an update on karen hepp's life. >> yes. >> and your middle son, maclin, has he been kick out of school already. >> not yet we had our back to school night. maybe you had yours last couple nights. you just try to go, and love my


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